Express Myself

This page celebrates my transition from writer to artist. After completing my art history course, I focused on documenting the stories of women artists in Cornwall. In 2012 an opportunity arose to participate in a printmaking course, to promote the recently opened Newlyn School of Art. From then on the making of art became as important to me as the writing about it.

The discovery that I could make monoprints at home, with not much in the way of equipment apart from a piece of glass, a roller and some etching inks, had great appeal for me. Later I found that a gelatin plate with fluid acrylics was less messy and facilitated the process of creating subtle gradations of colour.

Monoprinting is a technique I find fascinating, not only for its unpredictability, but also the fact that each piece is uniquely individual, and cannot be replicated. More recently, collage has become an integral part of my art making.

Shire Hall Exhibition, Bodmin

Cascade and an installation shot from my second exhibition with Taking Space, at the Shire Hall in Bodmin from 23 July to 31 August 2016.
Self-Portrait ~ Each new member of Taking Space is presented with a box canvas on which to create a self-portrait. The idea is to display it at exhibitions, alongside the artist's biography. Mine challenges convention via a combination of stencilling and monoprinting over a digitally reproduced image.

Exhibition at The Crypt, St Ives

I first exhibited as a member of a group of women artists, ‘Taking Space’ at the Crypt in St Ives in March 2016.

Which Way to Turn
Feathered Fantasia
Veiled Flight
‘Fractal Forest’ and ‘Luna with Lunaria’ were selected for the STISA (St Ives Society of Artists) Spring Open Exhibition in April/May 2016. ‘Luna with Lunaria’ incorporates mulberry paper, a material which I love for its fibrous, semi-transparent quality.
I was very lucky to have further artworks chosen by STISA for their Open Printmaking Exhibition in the summer, and their Christmas Open Exhibition in 2016.
Fractal Forest
Luna with Lunaria
An edition from the ‘Zen’ series can be seen at the Japanese Garden in St Mawgan.
Zen – black, white and silver
Zen – sepia, cream and gold
The Zen calligraphy symbols for mindfulness, concentration and insight are hand painted onto watercolour paper. Superimposed is a layer of mulberry paper imprinted with the veins of a fresh leaf, bestowing a subtle veiled effect. The leaf can only be used once, reflecting the ephemeral nature of existence.